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Leak Repairs

“We specialize in leak repairs. If you have a leak, we’ll provide a no-obligation quote for fixing it. Just give us a call!”

roof inspection

Roof Inspections


We offer roof inspections required by insurance companies, as well preventative maintenance inspections.


Ventilation Replacement

“If you’re dissatisfied with your current roof ventilation or believe you need additional ventilation, we’re here to assist.”


Solar Attic Ventilation


Solar vents function similarly to traditional vents but are powered by solar energy instead of wind. While a conventional wind-driven vent may not work on a calm, hot summer day, a solar vent remains operational throughout the year.


Missing or Damaged Shingle Replacement

Missing shingles, whether it's just the tabs or entire shingles, should be replaced promptly to prevent leaks and potential damage to your home.


Fascia and Soffit Repairs

"If you suspect fascia damage, watch out for these signs:

  1. Rotting Wood: Inspect the fascia boards for signs of rot or decay. Soft or discolored wood is a clear indicator.
  2. Leaks: If you notice water leaks near the fascia area, it could be due to damage. Leaks may occur around gutters or where the fascia meets the roof.
  3. Visual Clues: Sometimes, the fascia may appear worn, cracked, or in need of painting. Trust your visual judgment.

Chimney Siding Repairs


Repairing chimney siding can be quite complex due to the numerous factors involved. It's one of our specialties, so please give us a call, and we'll come out to conduct a thorough investigation.


Chimney Flashing Repairs & Replacement

“Proper chimney flashing is crucial because inadequate or improperly installed flashing can lead to leaks. If you’re experiencing a chimney leak, give us a call, and we’ll inspect your chimney to identify the source of the issue.”


Screen Porch Flashing

Flashings are necessary to prevent water leakage between the porch roof and the main structure of the roof.


Tarp Coverage

If you're dealing with a leak and need to wait a few months for a roof replacement, we can provide you with a quote to install a tarp as a temporary solution over the leak.


Gutter cleaning

Gutter cleaning involves the removal of debris, dirt, and leaves from gutters and downspouts to prevent clogging and ensure rainwater flows freely from the roof to the ground.


Chimney Cap Replacement

Is your chimney cap rusted? Contact us for a replacement estimate.


Shed Roof Replacement

Old roof removal and replacement on sheds


Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance is needed to help head off any potential problems for leaks. Roof maintenance could consist of having your roof cleaned off or having an overall inspection to determine if you have any potential issues like exposed nails or cracked or loose ridge cap or shingles. Replacing plumbing stacks are also part of roof maintenance.